Your Tech, Our Problem

Our aim is to take the pain out of your technical installation. We stick plainly to the “it just works” principle and aim to make all aspects as simple and uncomplicated as possible

Our Areas of Expertise

We currently enable and maintain several differing aspects of technology, but our key areas can be subdivided as under

Cloud Computing

Linux Server and Desktop

Networks and Diagnostics

Websites and Small Business Tech Setup


Electrical Installation

Why Choose Us

Free consultations. If we can't do it, or if it's not our area of expertise, we'll tell you 🙂

Experience Skills

Many decades of experience in our specialist fields

Expert Engineers

Qualified, experienced Engineers only

Competitive Cost

Quality comes first, but cost is right behind it

Guarantee Services

We'll guarantee all of our work

Trusted Work

We are proud have never to have lost a client

High Quality

We want it to last. That means quality all the way through the chain.

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